Shirley Temple's Blue Diamond est. worth $35 million

Shirley Temple's Blue Diamond est. worth $35 million

Shirley Temple, “America’s little darling” who passed away two years ago, started acting at the tender age of 3. From then on, fame was a part of her life. Her good taste in jewelry was also a distinguishing characteristic of this great actress. Temple’s Blue Diamond, which was stored as part of her private jewelry collection, was auctioned on April 19th.

The jewel is a 9.5-carat fancy blue diamond embedded into a ring. Before the auction, its value was estimated to be between $25 and $35 million.  It has a clarity grade of VVS2. 

The diamond was purchased in 1940 by Shirley’s father to give as a gift to his daughter for the premiere of her movie, The Blue Bird. This was when Temple was about 12 years old.  It really was an expensive gift; he bought it for $7,210 and it now has a net worth of around $35 million. It is a very rare and exceptionally beautiful jewel that will eventually find a good bidder.  Adding present-day inflation, the ring has a gross value of approximately $200,000, which would be the price which Shirley’s father would have bought it today.

Of course, the jewel has the added value of having belonged to Shirley Temple.  It is also a very rare and exquisite diamond - a blue one. These facts increase the suggested price of the diamond. 

The Shirley Temple Diamond, as stated before, was actioned by Sotheby’s NY on April 19th.  It did not get a buyer, despite Sotheby’s heavy marketing. But there is still hope that the ring will find a proper buyer.

Referring to the blue diamond, Frank Everett, Sotheby’s New York jewelry sales director said, “With the low estimate of $25 million, honestly between the rare color and quality of diamond, it’s well-priced. These pieces are just not coming along in the way they once did. The quality of the stone stands apart on its own and then you have the provenance.”





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